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"Jaunpils Regional development center "Rats"(Wheel)

Vija Zīverte - Board Chair, mobile 29330697 , e-mail: vija.ziverte@inbox.lv
Renāte Zīverte - Coordinator, mobile phone 26563460, e-mail: jaunpilsrac@gmail.com, social site https://www.facebook.com/JaunpilsRATS

Founded: 30 January 2002

Motto: The wheel is a movement, a development. The wheel does not have to be reinvented, it just has to be made to turn.

Goal: To promote and support the sustainable development of Jaunpils Parish and the surrounding region.

       1. Promoting the formation of an active civil society and the integration of different social classes into society.
       2. Promoting regional integration between the centre and the periphery of the municipality.
       3. Promoting the employability of the population through information and education.
       4. Supporting entrepreneurship in the municipality through information and education.
       5. Increasing the activity of rural women.
       6. Promoting the acquisition and use of new information technology.
       7. Improving and developing lifelong learning and second chance education for the population in Jaunpils and the surrounding region
       8. Preserving the cultural environment and cultural traditions of Jaunpils, researching the history of the region, publishing research materials.
       9. Educating the public about the preservation of the natural environment in Latvia and the region.
       10. Organisation of charity events.

       1. Organisation of educational courses
              1.1.Professional development courses for adults;
              1.2. interest education courses for adults and children.
       2.Coordination of cooperation between county associations, support.

       Since its establishment, more than 90 different learning courses through different projects and co-operations have taken place, both for increasing competitiveness in the labor market and hobby courses. The center has an important role of development and education of leaders of nongovernmental organizations in the region. It also has experience in municipality starting small-scale local community projects (in 2006 supported by KNHM foundation, Netherlands) and organizing Inhabitants forums in Jaunpils funded by different projects. Also, the NGO “Wheel” work in close cooperation with Jaunpils municipality council. The NGO is a member of different cooperation at regional and state levels. It is a partner in the Latvian Rural Forum (LRF), which is a non-governmental organization with an aim to ”Promote sustainable development of Latvian rural territories”. It is also a member of Latvian Adult learning association, with an aim to contribute to the development of the adult education system and to the development of lifelong learning policies. The NGO is a partner of Nordplus adult education project "Safeguarding intangible cultural heritage through learning" (2020-2022). Jaunpils RDC “Wheel” is one of EPALE - Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe regional coordinators in Latvia, Zemgale region (2022 -2024).

More information http://jaunpils.lv/NVOjaunpilsrac.php 
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Jaunpils novads


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Jaunpils novads

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