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Viesatas Rural Municipality
               Viesatas Rural Municipality is located on the Western side of the Austrumkursa (Austrumkurzemes) upland. The Eastern part of the Municipality borders with upper course of the river Abava. On the Western side the land is 125m above sea level, the highest point in the south – east is Dievkalns (The God’s hill) – 116,4m a.s.l. The stone of sacrifice, found near the hill, is an ancient cult place. The hill is covered with a forest, but looks like dunes.
               The deep Viesata River (a left bank tributary of the Abava River) runs though the Viesatas local municipality. It’s average width is 5 m and maximum depth is 1,5m, in some places the shores are up until 12m high. The major tributaries are Aleslauku stream, Bale, Ķuņķurupe. The northern part of the Local Municipality is crossed by several tributaries of the Viesata River - river Prūsene (length 5.8 km), Isvintes streams (length 7.6 km) and Vārnu ditch (length 6.2 km). These water flows also form the drainage system of Viesatas parish. The largest body of water is Viesatas Mill pond, (the area 3 ha). Historically, in this area there was a Watermill. Forest occupies 2,253 ha of Viesatas area, accounting for approximately 43% of the total area. Three sand and gravel quarries are located here: Grenči (size - 1.01 ha) with an estimated stock of 225.000 m3, Pētemieki ( 0.26 ha) and Vēzes gravel quarry ( 1.58 ha).
                The Mēra (Plague) hill is an ancient burial ground. The excavations here show that the Viesatas area was been inhabited a long time ago. 

The beautiful "Ķuņķuru" park has a wide variety of trees, shrubs and flowers covering it’s 3.5 ha. Three oaks that could qualify for the status of noble trees are located here.
               The "Aleslauki" house is located on the left side of the Viesatas-Jaunpils road. The mother of Latvian folklorist Krisjanis Barons was born here. Krisjanis Baron himself was born nearby in the Strutele Manor.
               A micro Nature reserve (Nr.83002) with a total area of 6.7 ha is located in the territory of Viesatas Rural Municipality. It is the home of the little eagle (Aquila pomarina), a specially protected bird species.). Based on the opinion of the expert J. Greivulis the micro-reserves have a large nest, inhabited by a specially protected bird species the Spotted Eagle. Kalnvēzes lime with a circumference of 4.38 m and Baltbāržu Linden, circumference of 4.12 m. The lime was seriously damaged from a lightning strike, during the 2010 summer storms.
               The State protected cultural monuments are Dievkalns (God’s hill) and Veckuipju mound. 

Nearest main roads linking Viesatas with the capital city Riga are the A10 motorway (E22), Riga-Ventspils, the distance from Viesatas to Riga is 95 km; as well as the A9 motorway Riga – Skulte - Liepaja, by taking which distance from Viesatas to Riga is 100 km.
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