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Viesatas Culture Centre

Manager of Viesatas Culture Centre - Agita Kalviņa, Mobile: 28742711
            • Support and to provide leadership and professional development to art collective within the budget framework;
            • support and organise events;
            • organise national and traditional holiday celebrations and events.

Culture centre hall (300 seats) is equipped with light and sound systems, and film equipment.         
Traditional events:
            • New Year carnival.
            • Aerobics-festival – possibility to dance for young people.
            • Valentine's Day Ball.
            • Easter.
            • Mother's Day event.
            • Midsummer Festival.
            • Local municipality -Celebration Day for children: exercising, drawing, various attractions, performances. Sports games for adults.
            • Various thematic afternoons in collaboration with the library. Remembrance afternoons for various writers, quiz afternoons.
            • Harvest Ball, Best spruced farmstead awards.
            • Celebration of the 90th Anniversary of the Republic of Latvia.
            • Fall Ball.
            • Afternoon for Viesatas pensioners – waiting for Christmas.
            • Christmas celebration for children with Dwarf Riks and Peppy Longstrom
Amateur art groups, hobby groups:
            • Plays, songs, dances for children under 8 years of age.
            • Floristic-no age limit.
            • Gymnastics, aerobics for adults.
            • Possibility to participate in sports club "Atpūšamies aktīvi" volleyball, Novus, etc. on Fridays
Jaunpils novads


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Jaunpils novads

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