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Jaunpils Municipality

Jaunpils Municipality is a place, where one can fall in love with the silence and peace of fields, get to know the traditions and customs of the inhabitants of Jaunpils.

Discover the treasures of unknown testimonies of the past, enjoy the medieval atmosphere on the excursions in the Jaunpils Castle, discover the diversity of the cultural heritage in the weaver workshop “Dzipars” and master the weaving skills, and give way to the creative flight of imagination in the society “7 Balles”.

Go for a evening walk around the lake of Dzirnavu, watching the grace of swans in Jaunpils... And you can enjoy romantic quiet night in more than 700 years old castle....

Enjoy the originality of the medieval festivals, touch the Sweedish Wall built in 1618, and try the tasty medieval dishes, great cheese produced by Jaunpils Dairy-Plant, delicious smoked products made by farm “Araji”. Learn, how the real wooden eco buildings are made, refresh your mind and body, steaming and flapping yourself with brichtwings in the bathhouse “Bramaņi”.

Discover that Jaunpils has a very special story of its own.. the story of feelings, witch remains in your long term memery once experienced... calling to come back any time when you feel like want to have a rest, escape the hustle of a city, get inspiration, every time you want to be in harmony with yourself, nature and people around.

Jaunpils Tourist Information Point
Address: Jaunpils pils, “Pils”, Jaunpils novads, LV 3145
Tel. +371 26407917; +371 63180957, e-mail: turisms@jaunpils.lv
Jaunpils novads


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Jaunpils novads

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