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Best practice
How Jaunpils youngsters cooperate with local municipality? More.
Adventure Orienteering Game 2019
"Made in Jaunpils " This is a car orienteering game organized by the association "made in Jaunpils" in cooperation with Jaunpils Municipality Council, within the framework of the project "Doing it yourself" 2019. The purpose of the event is to motivate and interest people to visit the most important places of Jaunpils county. More.
Youngsters from JAUNPILS, LATVIA disscussing about Sustainable Development Goals 2019
Young people in Jaunpils discuss how to make cities inclusive, safe, adaptable and sustainable

The first step was to become familiar with the Sustainable Development Goals, and the young people, together with a non-governmental organization, made their own wooden puzzle of the Sustainable Development Goals. They created one drawing for each goal and represented each goal in their own creative way. Over the years, the wooden puzzle has visited schools, kindergarten and events, and continues to bring knowledge, values and awareness to these important issues. More.
Connection 2015
In September through the project "Administrative and territorial reforms and financial decentralization to strengthen the synergy of good governance in Moldova" within Jaunpils municipality council chairwoman Ligita Gintere visited Moldova, while in October the Moldovan delegation visited Jaunpils. Guests were introduced to the work of the municipality; it was discussed on the common and different experience of local development issues. Jaunpils presented the rich cultural heritage and craft skills

Taking into account the two countries effective legislation, mutual respect and common framework for action, Jaunpils county council chairman Ligita Gintere and Moldovan municipalities: Andrusul de Jos Mayor Gheorghe Pralea, Radeni Mayor Petru Rabdau and Festelita Stefan Vodă mayor Nicolae Tudoreanu signed twinning agreements to develop cooperation in various fields of interests.

/Information by Baiba Rasa PR specialist; Photos: Baiba Rasa, Mārtiņš Barons/

Mayor of Radeni Petru Rabdau and chairwoman of Jaunpils Ligita Gintere
Traditions- unite 2015
Every year on November 11 Latvians mention Lacplesa day. Throughout the Latvian is lit dozens of candles to commemorate the Latvian national army victory over the West Russian Volunteer Army, the so-called Bermont troops on 11 November 1919. To commemorate this event, Lacplesa day is honored Latvian freedom fighters.

With torches and candles in the hands, Jaunpils people gathered together and went to light walk. After that everyone could watch outdoor cinema film "4x4 for freedom" premiere.

It is very important for all of us, and trough that tradition we can teach our kids and youth about our history.

/Information by Baiba Rasa PR specialist; Photos: Baiba Rasa, Mārtiņš Barons/
Creative workshop “7 points” wins annual award in tourism “Great Jacob 2015” 2015
This award is one of the ways that Tourism Association of Kurzeme can say thanks to the tourism sector workers for their contribution to the Kreme region's image and development of tourism.

Creative workshop “7 points” won the nomination "Great KURZEMES masterstroke for kids 2015 “. This a very special place, where tourists can make candles, wooden boats, toy cars, jigsaws ... The workshop gives visitors a completely different kind of world - bright, vivid, rich in impressions, everyone can indulge in fantasy, forget about every days rush, a place where time stops ...

/Information by Baiba Rasa PR specialist; Photos: Baiba Rasa, Mārtiņš Barons/
September in Jaunpils was an autumn harvest day 2015
That day gathered together nearly 50 traders and 1000 visitors. Jaunpils gardeners association organized the autumn harvest trade. Jaunpils side mightily revealed masterpieces: carrot-0,750 g, cucumber -3.360 kg, tomato-1.060 kg, 0.560 gr onion, cabbage 6, 160 kg, 0.960 g beet, colerape 2.560 gr squash 8, 350 kg, potato-1, 060 kg, sunflowers stretched toward heaven, -3, 79 m high and the main prize went to winner Ernests Grigors (6 years) whose pumpkin was -23, 750 kg heavy! More
The garden of secret life of herbs 2015
The 21 st of June in Latvia is known as a Summer Solstice and Plant day -when all meadow plants and flowers have very special power-the power of nature. That day in holiday house „Vagas” Arta Berezovska opened for public her long awaited project-The garden of natural life of herbs. As tells the housekeeper Arta, it shows not only the various species of herbs, but this garden is like an adventure, which will be a sustainable project in constant development in the future. Now it is just the beginning and plants are organized according to their blooming colors and seasonally it possible to identify the color of the garden squares.

Arta says that there will be different thematic events in the future, for further information see http://dabasnotikumudarzs.mozello.com/

The garden in holiday house „Vagas”

The opening event of garden in 21st of June 2015 with exercises of Ci-gun by instructor Rita Grīnfogele and the fire ritual.
Jaunpils secondary school’s youth choir and folk dancers participate in XI Latvian Youth song and dance festival 2015
Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Festival is the biggest Latvian children and youth culture and arts festival, which takes place every five years in Riga. Children and young people are the ones, which confirm that the ancient Latvian singing, dancing and musical traditions are continued and held in honor. With song and dance festivals for children and youth-related artistic creation takes place and collective cultural circles - choirs, dance groups, brass bands, small music collectives, folk music ensembles, visual and applied arts as well as theater and art collectives of children and youth folklore groups. This year between the 38000 pupils were also Jaunpils secondary schools’ choir (Master Mrs. Kabaka) and folk dancers (Master Mrs. Liepiņa).
Meet your master in weaver’s workshop and craft house “Dzīpars” 2015
Jaunpils weaver’s hobby group was founded in 1970. Now it is changed and since the last year the workshop is available not only for local people, but also for tourists. The master Mrs. Velga Pavlovska introduce visitors with the Latvian cultural heritage, preservation of ancient craft skills through the centuries, demonstrating weaving craft skills and showing their application today! There are 16 wooden looms, which are used every day! Crafts of Jaunpils weavers have been praised by industry experts, included in XXV Latvian Song and Dance Festival XV's applied arts exhibition. More
Jaunpils –the Municipality for healthy population
Jaunpils won this nomination participating in the contest „European Municipality of the 2014” ! More
Jaunpils medieval festival- 260 roses for Baroness Eliza fon der Reke 2014
JDuring the last weekend local people of Jaunpils and visitors celebrated the medieval festival. This time the past met the future and borders of the time disappeared unnoticed. Baroness Eliza fon der Reke celebrated her 260 th birthday and had hundreds of roses. She was born on 20 th of May in 1754. In age of 17 she got married with owner of the Jaunpils manor Georg Peters Magnus fon der Reke and became the Lady of the castle. Every activity of the festival was devoted to her. More
Viduslaiku svētki 2014
Jaunpils Municipality are working on Municipal Marketing Strategy 2014
Jaunpils Municipality Council together with the Latvian Association of Local Governments joins in the project “Smart Governance and Performance Improvement of Latvian Municipalities”. More
How do people from one of the smallest Newcastle’s of the World –Jaunpils -celebrate the Anniversary? 2014
During the May ‘s weekends 2014 local people and visitors celebrated the 5th Anniversary of Jaunpils Municipality. It was established by joining of Jaunpils and Viesatas parishes on 1 st July 2009, when the government started the territorial reforms. More
Newcastle’s of the world Summit 2014 in Nova Hrady April 28th -04th May
In 2012 Jaunpils Municipality joined to the Newcastles of the World Alliance. Chairwoman Ligita Gintere signed the 2012 Newcastles of the World Joint Declaration in Newcastle upon Tyne United Kingdom.

Following the Shinshiro City, Japan, members continued gathered together to exchange views and have friendship and solidarity among Newcastles. Delegates from Jaunpils will attend the Summit 2014. They are starting to prepare for the conferences
Jaunpils have their own book about history “Manor houses in Jaunpils”
Long –awaited and long cherished book about Jaunpils history now are in our hands. We are very proud of it.

Almost 20 years Inta Dislere together with Jaunpils museum specialists Ligija Rutka and Zinta Arika was working on this book. They worked in archives, libraries, museums in Latvia and abroad, collected people memories, gathering together photos etc. This is a true story, based on the real historical facts, documents, trough 700 years-from the 13th till 20th century. This historical research is unique. Like a Christmas gift for local people, the book –more than 400 pages and 200 photos -celebrated its opening event by the end of December. The book is financed by Jaunpils Municipality Council. Special thanks for Ligita Gintere, Chairwomen of Council.

If you are interested in history, you can buy the book in Jaunpils museum.
Senior activities in Jaunpils Municipality
Senior people are very active in our municipality. In 2010 they founded seniors association “Jaunpils”. Seniors led by Mrs. Austra Sipeniece, organize culture and healthy lifestyle activities. Seniors enjoy sport activities, especially Nordic walking and line dancing. They also organize different events, excursions, experience exchange tours, develop knowledge in psychology, improve language skills etc. in lifelong learning courses. Seniors association support preservation of culture traditions. They participate in various projects -at the moment they are working on the project, which will be important for all citizens in our Newcastle. One of their member Mr. A. Lacis have saved produced short films by himself about local people, rural cultural activities, traditional celebrations, concerts in 70s and 80s. Now, by financial support from Newcastle Municipality and fund of Teterevi, seniors want to digitalize this material and make a film “This was our time”. It will be important for all generations –youth will see how the life in Newcastle was for more than 40 years ago, medium generation and seniors can organize memory evenings and discussions about life now and then.
Olympic day 2013 in Jaunpils
September 27th was an exciting day for all 230 students. Jaunpils Secondary school participated in Olympic day 2013. Olympic day started with the Olympic morning gymnastics- specially set of morning exercises doing at the same time-at 10:00 o clock in 83 places all over Latvia. During the day students participated in relay races and other sport activities. The winner teams got the tickets to Riga’s “Dinamo” hockey game. Olympic day is the only global event organized by Olympic Committee and enhances to people Olympic values-excellence, friendship and respect. It’s also a great chance to remind our students and adults about healthy lifestyle.
Song and Dance Celebration in Latvia
This summer from June 30th till July 7th 74 members of Folk art collectives – “Jaunpils” (Newcastle) choir, Medium-generation dance group “Jaunpils”, Youth dance group “Atsperite” (Spring), Vocal ensemble “Vocalica” and Applied art weavers collective from our Newcastle took part in one of the most noteworthy events in Latvia’s cultural life- XXV Song and XV Dance Celebration. This is a major event involving thousands of participants from all over Latvia. The festival features a number of various concerts and last for a whole week. They start with a song Celebration procession when the viewers welcome the participants, and end with a final concert at the “Mezaparks” open air stage with a concert of the 13000-strong joint choir. The Song and Dance Celebration has also been included in the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
1st September the day of knowledge in Latvia
The 1st September was the Day of knowledge in Latvia. All primary, basic, secondary school students, teachers and parents celebrated the start of the school year 2013/2014. This morning started with the ceremony, speeches by chairwomen Ligita Gintere and the head teacher of Newcastle Secondary school Mr. Janis Liepiņš. In Latvia it’s a tradition – students give autumn flowers- gladiolus, asters and dahlias to their class teachers. For parents, whose kids are in classes from the 1st- 4th, the 1st September is an official holiday.
Newcastle Medieval Feast “Lords of manor daughter’s marriage” in Jaunpils
August 10th was an exciting day in Newcastle, Latvia. Local people and visitors celebrated medieval feast “Lords of manor marriage”. Visitors were welcome to participate in different workshops and various activities together with the castle characters - Bert, Hilda, monk Theodor. Craftsman and traders, the ancient music ensemble “Trakula”, folk ensemble “Putni”, ancient dance group “Calendula” and artists from Riga Circus entertained visitors. During this day every one had a chance to try shooting a crossbow and take part in tournament. Very interesting activity was the ax throwing. All together we had a possibility to become real medieval heroes. Late in the evening in the Newcastle’s yard event visitors continued to rejoice and dance all night long.
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