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Jaunpils Municipality

An Overview of the Municipality
Jaunpils municipality (Jaunpils novads) was established in July 1, 2009 amalgamating former Jaunpils and Viesatas rural municipalities.
Area - 209 km2
Inhabitants (as of 01.01.2013.) – 2678
Territorial units: Jaunpils parish, Viesatas parish
Jaunpils municipality – an overview
               Jaunpils municipality shares borders with four other local municipalities: Dobele, Tukums, Kandava, and Brocēni. It is 80km away from Riga, 30km from Tukums and 20km from Dobele, in the area where the plain of Zemgale gradually passes into the hilly Eastern-Kursa Upland. The area is characterized by a mildly hilly relief; there are many small rivers flowing through the municipality borders. They are: Bikstupe (length 32 km), left coast tributary of Bikstupe – Rūšu brook (length 17km) among the inhabitants called “the Nile”). It the Ēnavas swamp the biggest tributary of Venta – Abava – starts it’s flowing. But the territory of Viesatas is cut in half by the deep Viesatas river valley, which is a left coast tributary of Abava. Its average width is 5m, depth is 1,5m, and the steep coast is up to 12m high.
               There are many small lakes in the parish: Apsauju (Lielapsauju) – displacement – 20,8 ha, Brandava – 12,3 ha, Mellīzeris – 6,5 ha, lake Dambjakrogs 5,8 ha, Bautēlis – 2,2 ha. In the centre of Jaunpils is an artificial mill pond – 11,3ha. In Viesatas the mill-pond is 3ha, there are also several artificially made ponds in the Strutele manor area from the 19th century. Largest of these are Glūdainis (31,2 ha), Brencs, Skolas, Mežzinis, Lācis etc. Forests cover more than 40 percent of the municipality’s territory.
                The motorway Tukums – Auce goes through Jaunpils. The closest highway is Riga – Liepaja – 8km to the north from the centre of Jaunpils.
               Municipality is strongly based on agricultural production. The biggest agricultural enterprises are stock company LIS “Jaunpils” (live-stock experimental station), Kurzemes the artificial insemination station, Ltd. „Joži”, Ltd. „Īves grupa”, Ltd. „Zentenes lauksaimnieks”, there are also several agricultural farms. The main fields of specialization are cultivation of grain (wheat, barley, and grape), dairy and meat farming. Part of the agricultural farms are specializing in unconventional farming – organic farming, rural tourism, fish farming and apiculture.
               The industrial enterprises are occupied in various sectors – Ltd. „Ēnavas” manages Ēnavas swamp, manufacturing peat briquettes that are mostly exported abroad to other European countries. Dairy „Jaunpils pienotava” situated in Jaunpils has long and great traditions. Its basic activities are dairy production and distribution. Currently the company concentrates on export markets. Biggest export partner – Russia.
               For more than 10 years enterprise Ltd. „Līvas Grupa” has been working successfully in Jaunpils, gradually increasing range of production, that currently include PVH windows and doors, wooden windows and doors, wooden/aluminium facades and winter gardens, skylights, garage donors, wooden stairs and filled framework buildings - since 2007.
               Jaunpils can be proud of a rich cultural heritage. There are several architectural monuments of state importance – Jaunpils Church, Jaunpils medieval castle, Jaunpils manor park, Dievkalns (God’s hill) and Veckuipju castle mound as well as several local importance architectural monuments. Jaunpils municipality cultural history is tied with the name of Krisjanis Barons (best known as the "father of the dainas” (Latvian: "Dainu tēvs") thanks largely to his systematization of the Latvian folk songs and his labour in preparing their texts for publication in Latvju dainas. Barons was very prominent among the young Latvians, Barons was also an important writer and editor. He was born in Strutele manor and the manor territory was his family home. A primary school based in Strutele manor took the name of Krisjanis barons for many years, until 2008 when it was closed. A noteworthy Latvian cartographic Matīss Siliņš (1861-1942) was born in Viesatas parish „Ķunķuri”.
               There is Jaunpils secondary school. In the study year 2013/2014 . 330 pupils studying and 34 teachers and support staff working at the secondary school. In 2009 the children day care centre “Zemenīte” (Strawberry) for 4 – 5 year old children was opened within the Jaunpils secondary school. It is used by 30 children every day.
               The secondary school is an active participant of the Health promoting school project (“Veselību veicinošā skola”). School has also been involved in the project Virtual encyclopaedia („Virtuālā enciklopēdija”) since its beginnings. The pupils have a possibility to participate in various international projects (COMENIUS, cooperation projects with Hamburg’s 8th vocational school (Staatliche Gewerbeschule Arbeitsund Werktechnik G8), Exchange projects with Suolahti School in Finland and Mahtra’s gymnasium in Tallinn (Tallinna Mahtra Gümnaasium), as well as secondary school of Kelme, Lithuania etc.)
               The students have also a possibility to get a category B driver’s licence and study in the programme “Commercial science for secondary school students”, “The school of success and luck”. Students can receive consultations in career education. The school also provides a variety of diverse out school activities – choir, aerobics, first aid classes, folk dance etc.
               The functions of government in Jaunpils municipality are implemented by the municipality council employees, administrative departments or institutions, as well as municipal enterprises. All the municipality departments are in a direct subordination of the Municipality council chair.
               The cultural life of the municipality is coordinated by the municipal enterprise “Jaunpils”, which includes Jaunpils and Viesatas cultural centres, Jaunpils and Viesatas libraries, Jaunpils museum. Culture is a great part of Jaunpils. There are two folk dance groups, mixed choir, several children’s ensembles, pensioners’ ensemble, line-dancing group and weavers’ hobby group. Many and different cultural activities take place in the school.
               There is a sports centre in Jaunpils where various sports activities take place. Spartakades and competitions take place all year long. The most popular sport is basketball.
The municipal Ltds are “Jaunpils municipal economy” („Jaunpils komunālā saimniecība”), which provides the inhabitants of Jaunpils municipality with water supply and sewage, heat supply, sewage treatment, collection and disposal of household waste; and Ltd “Jaunpils pils”, which main activities are:
               Catering (a tavern / cafe with medieval interior and ambience with special offers e.g. medieval meals and serving banquets)
               Hotel services;
               Room rental for banquets, seminars, different level events, using the medieval castle and its territory;
               Excursions (guided tours, performances – theatrical plays in medieval atmosphere with the active involvement of guests).
                Civic engagement in public policy and local life is achieved by an active nongovernmental sector. There are different public NGOs in Jaunpils – Youth Association “Levestes spicie”, Association “Jaunpils regional development centre “Rats””, weavers’ association “Dzīpars”, Youth Association “Ūdensroze”, Association „Kamenes”, Tukums Gardening Association’s Jaunpils division, Association “Jaunpils Sports Club”, Hunters’ Association “Jaunpils”, Union of pensioners „Jaunpils” and Association „Rural Partnership "Upe 8"”, Jaunpils Evangelic Lutheran Congregation , women’s association „Vīgriezes” and Latvian Red Cross Tukums branch Jaunpils organization etc.
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