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Jaunpils medieval festival- 260 roses for Baroness Eliza fon der Reke
During the last weekend local people of Jaunpils and visitors celebrated the medieval festival. This time the past met the future and borders of the time disappeared unnoticed. Baroness Eliza fon der Reke celebrated her 260 th birthday and had hundreds of roses. She was born on 20 th of May in 1754. In age of 17 she got married with owner of the Jaunpils manor Georg Peters Magnus fon der Reke and became the Lady of the castle. Every activity of the festival was devoted to her.

Alternating the medieval times and palace culture and traditions of the latest centuries, the Elizas festival was celebrated in the Jaunpils. Every visitor could find something special in the programme: in creative workshops -create roses, helmets, greeting cards etc., watch medieval fights, performances of medieval dance group “Calendula” and listen into medieval music played by “Trakula”. For romantic lovers had a chance to listen to Eliza’s letters reading, adults could watch the performance “Be Shakespeare” and concert of one the most popular love song singer in Latvia-Uģis Roze. In the cellars of the castle visitors could try infusions of the snakes and spiders, and herbal teas. In Jaunpils museum find out the treasures. For kids there were a performance about miracles and chance to see the rabbits, goats, hens and roosters in small fences. One of the most interesting activities for ladies were the cooking rye flour dumpling and for girls – hairstyles making in medieval style. In the cellars of the castle visitors could try infusions of the snakes and spiders, and herbal teas.

The Chairwoman of Jaunpils municipality Council Ligita Gintere congratulated the Baroness Eliza and presented the honorary article about the honest and selfless work in local government agency “Jaunpils pils” from the Ministry of Region Development of Latvia to ex-manager of Jaunpils castle D. Osīte and to current manager K. Liepiņa.

Our festival was excellent. A warm welcome to Medieval festival 2015 in Jaunpils!
Baiba Rasa,
PR Specialist of Jaunpils Municipality Council
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Jaunpils novads

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